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Zoletti Warranty

Zoletti Furniture is manufactured using skilled trades people and the highest quality materials and we trust you will receive many years of trouble free use. In the unlikely event of a problem please contact your Furniture Court store of sale and have ready your purchase details along with an explanation of your claim and any supporting pictures that may aid in the explanation of your claim.

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Note: Maintaining your lounge will help avoid issues that may result in your warranty been VOID.
Refer to our terms and conditions below.


1. You must be the original purchaser; this warranty does NOT transfer from the original purchaser.

2. Your furniture is used for normal household use. Your furniture is NOT warranted for commercial use.

3. That users do NOT exceed 140 kilograms in weight.

4. You must follow care and maintenance guides for your product and NOT use silicone cleaners or non recommended products for maintenance.

5. Furniture that is damaged from misuse, neglect or accidental damage is NOT covered by this warranty.

6. Seat cushions settle with use and it is normal for cushions to compact over time. 

7. Recliner triggers are covered for a period of 12 months.

8. Any repair or remedy action under this warranty does not extend or renew the warranty.

9. This warranty is VOIDED should you modify or change the product in any way or if a defect occurs as a result of storage, handling or transportation of the product in an incorrect manner.

10. This warranty does NOT cover products that have been affected by flood or storm damage or any other environmental influence such as fire or earth quake.

11. Should it be necessary to return the product to your Furniture Court store for repair (or our authorised repairer) to carry out any repairs or inspections, all transport charges shall be prepaid both ways by the purchaser unless deemed a manufacturing fault and authorised in writing by your Furniture Court store of purchase. 

12. This warranty does not cover the extra cost of transportation where products have been moved interstate or to a remote location and need to be repaired under warranty.

13. Nothing contained in this warranty is intended to purport to restrict, modify or exclude the operation of any of the provisions contained in the Sale of Goods Act or the Trade Practices Act 1974 or any similar or substituted enactment or any relevant state legislation.

14. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. 



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